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Charlie The Choo-Choo
(19 pages, © 2016)

Publisher: Hodder (UK) / Simon & Schuster (US)

Artist: Ned Dameron

Comic-Con Edition: 150

US Trade Edition: ???

UK Limited Edition : 1,000

UK Trade Edition: ???

ISBN Comic-Con: N/A
ISBN US Trade: 978-1-5344-0123-5
ISBN UK Trade: 978-1-444-93987-3
ISBN UK Limited: 978-1-444-93988-0



The Century's Best Horror Fiction
UK Limited Dustjacket Cover
(Click for limitation print)


  • Comic-Con Edition - These look very similar to the US trade edition but are missing the reference to Stephen King in the top right corner of the front cover and have no ISBN number. Issue Price = Free giveaway at 2016 Comic-Con

  • US Trade Edition - unknown number of copies. Issue Price = $14.99

  • UK Limited Edition - includes a limited and numbered print signed by "Beryl Evans" (not signed by King). The limited edition sticker is on the shrinkwrap, not the book cover. Issue Price = £20

  • UK Trade Edition - unknown number of copies. Issue Price = £12.99

In addition to these official versions there's a canceled anomaly edition with a different ISBN 9781471163777. Please check out this excellent thread about it. Also here's an archived photo of the copyright page of the regular trade next to the anomaly version.

The pages of the book are not numbered, but I counted out from the beginning of the story to the end on my own copy and got to 19 pages which seems like it can't just be a coincidence, can it? :)


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