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The Shawshank Bible
(??? pages - © March 2024)

Publisher: The Dufresne Collaborative

Numbered Edition: 25

Lettered Edition: 5

Artist Edition: Releasing October 2024





Shawshank Bible
Lettered and Numbered traycases
(Click for limitation page)


    25 Numbered Edition copies, signed by Stephen King at an issue price of $3,895 - This edition includes the following unique features:
      • Hand hollowed rock hammer cut-out Bible
      • A separate clamshell box with magnetic closure to house the hammer for long-term storage

      • Hand-crafted custom rock hammer from Green Foundary in Eliot Maine, featuring Maine oak wood handles, cold-stamped with corresponding edition number
      • Hand-written note from Andy to Warden Norton written on the inside front endpapers
      • Replica postcard (Cattle Punching Jackrabbit) from Andy to Red, postmarked from Ft. Hancock, TX
      • Individual remarque from illustrator Mark Edward Geyer
      • Custom traycase designed and crafted by Paul Michael Kane
      • Custom hand crafted end papers done by Richard Reitz Smith, an artist from the Maine Media College
      • Proprietary "Shawshank Bill" produced by 19th Edition Press, which serves as individualized certificate of authenticity for each copy
      • A vial of sawdust from the actual "Shawshank Tree" which was cut down after being struck by lightning many years ago. The tree was located a few miles from the Mansfield Reformatory in Mansfield, OH
      • T-shirt from Innocence Project, the charity benefactor of the project.
      • Rights to corresponding numbered edition of future Dufresne Collaborative projects

    5 Lettered Edition copies, signed by Stephen King at an issue price of $4,395 - This edition includes everything from the numbered edition but adds or replaces the following:
      • The Mark Edward Geyer remarques upgraded to deluxe (larger and more detailed than the numbered)
      • Custom clamshell traycase case includes original interior artwork by Francois Villaincourt
      • Refurbished antique Benson’s “Queen Mary” candy tin - inside, a plastic bag containing handwritten letter from Andy to Red, envelope containing 10 Shawshank Bills, and a 1950's era Hohner harmonica
      • Rights to corresponding lettered edition of future Dufresne Collaborative projects

    - 5 Contributor Copies - consisting of a mix of both lettered and numbered editions, but labeled Contributor Copy on the limitation page. These were given out to pro-bono contributors of the project.

    - 2 Publishers Copies - consisting of lettered editions but labeled PC on the limitation page.

    - 1 Author Copy given to Stephen King - Identical to the Lettered Edition

* An Artist Edition has been confirmed. For full details click here.

Proceeds for this production were donated to The Innocence Project which works to free the innocent, prevent wrongful convictions, and create fair, compassionate, and equitable systems of justice for everyone.

NOTE: The production was made using an actual Bible of the exact same style as the on-screen version. Each copy had to be painstakingly hand-hollowed to create the hammer void. During this process, the Bible’s were intentionally “damaged” in the same fashion Andy Dufresne would have had to create his salvation. So it’s important to note that every copy in this print run has some degree of distress, and so typical “rules” of condition and flaws as they relate to the value of the bible itself may not apply in the same way they would for other limited edition books.


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