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The Long Walk Traycase

I'm thrilled to announce pre-ordering for the new Long Walk case! This clamshell traycase case features two separate colors for the inner and outer box mirroring the boards of the book itself. The title and author(s) (both King and Bachman) are done in a beautiful metallic copper foil that really catches the light...You can see this the best in the bottom left photo that shows the entire outer section of the case. Additionally there are black walkers debossed and stamped into the front, back and inner box - a total of FIVE magnesium dies have been made and are stamped separately on each case to create the graphics and text! The case is closed by the same magnetic mechanism done in the 11/22/63 traycase. You can place your order on the Buy Slipcases page.

How much will these cost? -Traycases are much more involved then slipcases but result in a more premium product. The Long walk case specifically, has higher production and setup costs than any other traycase. The cost will be $75

When will these be available? - A first batch of outer materials were stamped along with the final prototype and are being put together now! I won't have a final count until assembly is finished but if you are in the first 80-100 or so orders, these will ship out before Christmas. If you don't order soon enough to make it in the first batch, second batch will be ready to ship in February.

What editions will this fit? - This will fit the Centipede Press edition of The Long Walk.

Tell me more about the artwork. - Early on in the process I reached out to Centipede Press to get their thoughts on me making a case for the artist edition of the book. Not only were they supportive of the idea but they agreed to send over some of the artwork files they had made for the book! I was able to turn these into stamping dies and they are the walkers you see on the front, back, and inside of the case!

Where can I order? - Order right here!


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Front of Case

Open Case and book in DJ

Back of case

Back of case and back of book without DJ

Open outside of case

Open Case and book without DJ


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